2015 Freeman
by Leonard Pitts

2015 Galveston Reads Selection Freeman by Leonard Pitts

FreemanThe 2015 Galveston Reads selection is Freeman, by Pulitzer prize winning columnist Leonard Pitts. Freeman sends the reader back to the chaotic weeks after the Civil War, a time when families of slaves were freed but not necessarily together. The titular hero, Sam Freeman, buys a classified ad in the hope of reuniting his family.

Pitt’s novel begins a few months after President Lincoln has died from an assassin’s bullet. Wheels are already set in motion by Sam Freeman, a Philadelphian who has taken to the road on a southerly course, vowing to return to the brutal Mississippi plantation that he escaped from 15 years earlier. Though Sam and Tilda were never married, slaves were legally prevented from getting married; Sam is married to Tilda in his heart.

Sam Freeman is set on a collision course; his ultimate goal is to reunite with his wife Tilda, who he left behind. Unfortunately, as Sam is heading south, Tilda is traveling west under armed guard. Tilda’s master has a scheme; he attempts to move what remains of his plantation stock to Arkansas, a territory that exist in a legal gray area that might uphold his right to own slaves.

Leonard Pitts has meticulously researched this era in American History and crafts a gripping, yet fascinating historical fiction novel full of tragedy and triumph.

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